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ID.58393: Big data Intelligent mining and coupling analysis of eddy and cyclone

Data Analysis


We here propose a new algorithm for parallel identification of mesoscale eddies from global satellite altimetry data. And a new hybrid mesoscale eddy tracking method to enhance the eddy tracking accuracy from global satellite altimeter data.We will build a tropical cyclone data set globally based on a state-of-the-art atmospheric reanalysis product. Combined with the long time eddy identification data products, we intend to calculate the probability of the encounter between cyclones and mesoscale eddies.


PI Europe
Dr. Wang Shuai, Imperial College London, UK
Co-PIs Europe
Prof. Ralf Toumi, Imperial College London, UK
Dr. Shuai Wang, Imperial College London, UK
PI China
Dr. Fenglin Tian, Ocean University of China, CHINA
Co-PIs China
Prof. Ge Chen, Ocean University of China, CHINA
Dr. Fenglin Tian, Ocean University of China, CHINA