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ID.58897: Earth Observation Services for Climate Friendly and Smart Cities

Urbanization and Environment


The project addresses, mainly with the use of Earth Observation, two distinct themes with strong
interlink: climate change as this relates to the thermal resilience of cities and urban environment
in terms of smart cities. In the former theme, the aim is to draft climate change adaptation plan as
far as urban heat is concerned; in the latter case, the aim is to detect and assess urban
geological hazards. Areas of application will be the wider Beijing and Athens urban areas.
In terms of climate change, the scientific objectives are:
to assess the impact of climate change to the thermal environment of a city;
to study the relationship between urban form and the state of the thermal environment of urban
to define a methodology for the detection of intracity thermal heat spots,
to define and map urban heat risk and assess climate resilience;
to use the above in support of climate change adaptation plans as far as urban heat is concerned
and in view of improving climate resilience.


PI Europe
Prof.. Constantinos CARTALIS, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, GREECE
PI China
Prof.. Gong Huili, Capital Normal University, CHINA