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ID.59310: Monitoring of marine environment disasters using CFOSAT, HY Series and multiple satellites data

Oceans and coastal zones


As global climate change intensifies, many countries are facing increasing marine environment disasters. These disasters, such as typhoons, giant waves, macroalgal blooms and decrease in sea ice cover pose a serious threat to coastal areas, aquaculture and maritime transportation. Therefore, it is essential for governments to respond quickly and reduce the loss and damage of these disasters.Satellite observation plays an important role in monitoring these marine environmental disasters by its unique advantages. However, monitoring of marine disasters with a single satellite data is extremely difficult due to the limitations of observed parameters, resolution, and revisit time etc. Consequently, utilization of multiple satellites data is inevitable and superior. Taking advantage of the multiple satellites data such as CFOSAT, HY-1, HY-2 and multiple satellites, this proposal aims to provide the combined satellite monitoring of marine environment disasters. Three aspects of research will be carried out. Firstly, the validation of CFOSAT and multiple satellite data will be executed. Secondly, the validation and merging of HY-1 and multiple satellite data will be executed. Thirdly, the multiple satellite data are combined to present the monitoring results of marine environment disasters. Meanwhile, data processing methods regarding the above three aspects, interactions of observed parameters and evolution mechanisms of marine environment disasters will also be investigated. This proposal has across subjects in Marine Disasters & Coastal zones including algae and phytoplankton blooms, marine dynamic environment and marine disasters. The studied areas include global ocean and polar region.The activities to be undertaken are financially supported by the following Chinese and European projects: CNSA project ÔÇ£CFOSAT technical research projectÔÇØ; NSFC project ÔÇ£High-resolution coastal wind retrieval from the rotating fan beam scatterometerÔÇØ ÔÇô Grant No. 41706197).


PI Europe
Dr. François G. Schmitt, Laboratoire d'Océanologie et de Géosciences, France
PI China
Prof. Jianqiang Liu, National Satellite Ocean Application Service - NSOAS, CHINA